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Enhanced In-Browser LDraw Model Viewer

I've found LDraw's in-browser viewer for Lego models =)

It's so much more convenient for sharing views of virtual Lego models (from LDR files) right in the webpage. Than having folks download (and install) LeoCAD or other desktop viewers and the LDR files.

Yet, strangely, I haven't come across any use of the Viewer online. Perhaps virtual Lego models just aren't popular and Lego review sites typically show new sets and MOCs for which virtual models are Not available.


Anyway, you can find the Viewer on nfriend's Github here. Though it doesn't explain how to use it, or set it up for yourself / your models. Without relying on the LDraw's in-browser viewer which requires LDraw's server.

My Enhanced Mod

Thus, I've reworked it:

  • Pack online viewer webpage into minimal set of 'portable' files.

  • 1 'web' version retains the ability to select and load LDR Lego model file from disk. Requires server.

  • Another 'portable' version with embedded LDR Lego model data to view a Lego model. I.e. does not require server.

  • Pack its server.

  • Basically figure out how to setup and run one for yourself.

  • Allow it to generate data for embed into prior portable viewer.

  • Add a Guide.

Check out my LDraw Model Viewer Mod on GitHub, and my Node.JS+ >= used to run the TypeScript-based server directly.

See examples:

  1. Escape Pod

  2. Star Trek Destroyer MMM


Virtual Lego fans: do check out the post on my Enhanced LeoCAD editor too.

Have Fun! =D

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